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My first post on Vingle was posted on the 3rd of February 2016. It is 1st of May 2016 today. It has been only 3 months since I started writing on Vingle, but with all of your support, I am currently ranked 4th in the Vingle Ranking for Poetry! 4th!!!!!!! It is such an honor and a privilege to have all of your likes and comments, when I am just a 23 year old English major student still at university! I will try harder to finish my novel for my followers! Thank you all!! Please wait until my summer holidays starts in early July, and then hopefully under 2 months I can finally send my manuscript to the publishers! I promise to write my heart out this summer holidays Thank you so much for all your support and comments! I write to give you hope and inspiration in life ✏✏✏✒✒✒