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I haven't really been active lately, I've been trying to figure out what ima do with my life cuz like I'm about to 21 in 10 days , been out of school for 2 years and during those 2 years I haven't figured out what to do and I'm literally in tears because I can't find anything I'm good at and I'm just scared that I'll end up fucking up my life. I'm living with my mom still and I don't have a job, I've applied to multiple places and they've all said that I need to have experience and I'm just like " how am I suppose to get experience if you won't hire me for not having experience" like I'm sorry for not being good enough to manage a cash register or organize clothes. ugh!! I feel like a complete failure. seriously my mom is paying for my phone bill. she barely has enough money to pay rent. I'm sorry for saying all this stuff but I just had to tell someone. I don't even tell my mom how I feel about all this and how it's making me feel I don't like telling people I feel like shit for not being able to do something. or that I completely hate myself most of the time I don't like having people worry about me so I always allot allots if nothing is bothering me but today I had to get this out of my system. I'm sorry if this completely ruined your mood but I just didn't know who I should tell all this. everyone on here is so nice and friendly that I thought it was a good idea ...again I'm sorry if this dampened your mood. but it couldn't hold in anymore. I hope the memes make up for it. Please show the world your beautiful smile and be happy. Much Love ❤
@DasiaB thank you ❤ I really appreciate it 💕
@DeyaniraEstrada Bruh we in the same boat, I swear. Like I sat this semester out. Can't get a job cause of the same reasons as yours but I've been babysitting. The lil money I do make from that can't use it for anything other than food, cause it's literally not enough to put on bills and crap. Other ppl my age (22) are graduating college, getting engaged/married, having babies. And I'm just here looking like a potato. Makes you really feel like you've accomplished nothing, I know. Just hang in there and keep your head up. Something good will come your way before you know it. ❤️❤️👍
@carrillojuana @drummergirl691 thank you so much you guys I really appreciate you saying this. I really needed it. I'll be sure to message you if I ever need to talk to someone again ❤ @drummergirl691 thank you so much
@DeyaniraEstrada sure thing!! ❤️😁
You are good at something. Maybe have someone review your resume, and have a couple of teachers (that you got along with) write you a references. There is nothing wrong with living with your mom. I'm turning 25 soon, still in college, and still trying to figure my sh*t out. One thing that helps me is prayer. If that's not your thing, that's ok. I would also suggest venting to your mom. I know it'll be hard, that you don't want to add to what your mom has to worry about already, but I'm sure she would love it if you opened up to her. You are not alone. 💜 You are also more than welcome to message me if you want. I can be an open ear for you.
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