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Alright, so we're going to switch it up today. Usually on these cards I just show my results and comment, however this time I'm gonna try and write a small little short story to go along. I'm usually not the best at short writing, so we'll see how it goes! I'm sorry that this one turned out a bit boring, but hopefully it's a little enjoyable. Let me know if I should try this again, or just stay with the commenting only 🙂
If I were to be entirely truthful, I would have admitted that the trip was unexpected. It wasn't like it was an odd or uncomfortable thought, Ken had been my closest friend for a long time now. We did almost everything together, and he was great company. A short time after we became close, Ken had decided I needed to meet more people. That was how I became acquainted with his other friends. They were kind. It made sense why they were buddies with Ken, as although I was never as close with them, they made good company. It had just become habitual to invite them along once Ken and I planned any activity. Usually it was me doing the planning, however that day was different. I had just been sitting at home, when suddenly my phone rang. It was Ravi, inviting me to go along on an adventure with them all.
I was surprised, however agreed to go with them. The thought sounded like a good time and I didn't think anything more of it. Later in the evening I would discover that Ravi had an ulterior motive. Throughout the evening he spent much of his time looking for ways to impress me. It seems that Ravi had a bit of crush on me. It makes me feel guilty that I never noticed this earlier. Ravi was extremely kind to me throughout the get together, however Hyuk didn't disappoint either. It was tough to admit, however I really liked Hyuk. There was just something about him that seemed so sweet and kind, but also with a little bit of sass mixed in. Once I had arrived with everyone, Hyuk was the one that let me choose where to go.
I had never been indoor rock climbing before, so I decided we could try to do that for a change. It turned out to be a lot of fun and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Hyuk stayed beside me the entire time, ensuring that I had a steady grip and wasn't close to falling at any point. It was quite humorous to see him sneaking glares towards Ravi when he thought I wasn't looking. It seemed like he was a bit jealous. It didn't help even a bit once it became time for lunch. We were all busy laughing and joking with each other, when Ravi suddenly leaned his arm over and started feeding me strawberries. The food was delicious, however I have to admit it was a bit awkward that he was feeding it to me. Ravi was a very nice friend, but I just couldn't think of him that way. I felt slightly guilty that I couldn't think romantically about Ravi yet I definitely could imagine it with Hyuk, but it wasn't like there was anything I could do to help it.
I didn't want to lead the guy on, so I decided the two of us should go to the side. I pulled him over and told him how I felt, and thankfully he was alright. Sure he was disappointed, but he told me he was glad that I told him the truth. Ravi told me to wait by the side, and the next moment Hyuk walked up. Hyuk came and confessed that he had feelings for me, asking me if I would like to do something like this again with just him this time. I couldn't describe how ecstatic I was. We never never kissed or anything, however it was surely the happiest outing of my life.