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Sometimes its hard to be ok....but you say your ok so they wouldn't worry about say your fine when your say you moved on when you still have the same feelings for may be hard to let why not join the dark for a while... it might be don't understand u till you go through might be hard..but its many people out there are so bright...why not find one and stay in the on the other hand..just let me into the dark and I'll stay there rather I win the darkness or lose...I'm still in the darkness...Good luck finding light
why not go out and look for a person to talk to or do something. it's better than thinking bout things. and if your depressed then find a hobby or go for walks or something other than just mopping around thinking it will be better. if you want change do it yourself.
its ok
srry lol
or Awsomecarp
Gildarts Mado
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