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Okay, this is my little brother, I call him Button (his real name is Matty). Well he loves Exo and will dance and clap as well as a baby can. Our age difference is pretty big but he's my only sibling that happily dances to Kpop and watches anime with me.
Well this is where the real story begins: Bts is my favorite group but his are Exo and Bap. And Suga's face above literally is my brother's facial progression when a Kpop song comes on. Today I showed him the Fire mv and as soon as he heard the music he started bouncing while holding on to the edge of couch for support. He then took my phone and plopped himself on the floor as he kissed the screen. He laid the phone on the floor as he clapped his hands and watched the seven dorks dance around. I am such a proud big sister😂😂
THATS NOT THE END We have a smart tv and I put Fire up on the tv and we danced around together like we usually do to Call me baby and warrior. Then butterfly came on the up next and he cooed along with the song and tried to dance. It was close to his bed time so my mom laid him in the play pen in the living room until she finished doing the dishes an she turned off the tv. He was not having that, he threw a huge tantrum and when he's angry he takes off his clothes and diaper and throws all his stuff out of the play pen. So being the awesome but irresponsible 16 year old I am I turned back on bts and we jammed out for the next hour as we danced around the living room. While my mom silently judged us. It was great
that is too cute, my son is three and loves Kpop we danced to BTS yesterday as he was helping me clean (we danced mostly) so much for cleaning
my little brother is an army too! only difference is he's 13. lol 😅