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A while back I purchased my first order from ASOS after being convinced by @jordanhamilton. I only ordered two items to test the fabric quality, delivery speed and sizing. According to the size chart, I was a size 6.
I purchased two mock neck/high neck tops in black and stripe. I think it's out of stock now and I can't find the link on the site anymore. Although I ordered it in the same size the black one fitted a little tight by the arms. I like the fit of the stripe one more and I could probably go a size up.
Also, if you missed my last card I wrote about 6 ways to wear a high-neck stripe top.
This is the brightest item in my closet. It was a gift from my mom purchased from Loft. I didn't know if I would like the dress but it turned out to be quite flattering. Also, I wore this for an evening dinner and it hides a full stomach really well. Lol.
Finally, this was the outfit I traveled in. I wanted to be comfortable while riding the train for 3 hours so I went with an all black ensemble. The lace dress is knee length so it doesn't look too short while sitting. Also, first time carrying the new bag as mentioned here. The size was perfect for travel. i could carry about two books, cellphone and a light cardigan.
It takes great pictures!
@TessStevens Thanks! This one is just iphone 6 plus. :D
@cindystran always good to have one or two pieces outside of your normal color scheme, I think! ^-^
@hikaymm haha she does. It's a little too bright for me but I'm getting used to it now.
Ahhh love them all! The color of the dress your mom got you is really great too!! She has a good eye :)
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