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So apparently PornHub uses a taco emoji to categorize Latinas... my jaw just dropped and rolled out of the house. PornHub actually had launched a Emoji 4 Porn, which is a mobile video delivery service. It allows users to send a text of an emoji to a phone number and receive a link to free sexual clip that corresponds with that emoji or icon.
Want a Latina? Select a taco. Ay yai yai!
Okay, so the emoji list might be a big graphic for some. If you're old enough, you may continue on...

Are you ready for it?

Okay here it is:


I mean, it's not like PornHub is exactly PC. Once again, Latinas have been objectified, down to a damn taco emoji. And my god, a hard taco at that (okay trying to throw a little bit of humor in there).

What do you think about PornHub's emojis?

it looks like something a kid uses to hide porn from their parents
why a taco? why not a dancing lady ?
@CreeTheOtaku gee thanx for pointing it out lol now I got that wierd image burned into my mind 😁😁
and I love how everyone didn't notice the octopus objectifying hentai on the page
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