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Alright, check out this awesome mirror:

This guy designed the mirror to be touch screen & smart: it does things like let you order an Uber, check the weather, set alarms, etc etc. So freaking cool!
I saw a ton of people commenting, like, "why would I use this instead of my tablet" blah blah blah. And I have the answer: to follow beauty tutorials!
Seriously!!! Can you imagine pulling up the outfit you're going to wear on the web, and doing your makeup / hair while looking at so you get the right look?

Or playing a makeup tutorial on half the mirror while you follow along on the other half???

So much easier than playing with your phone & worrying about dropping it! You could even watch a movie while doing your hair if you have hair that takes a long time to get done! Totally amazing.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for the day when I can buy a smart beauty mirror :)

Anybody else want one? Tagging the beauty comm!
perfect for guys like me who tie their own bow ties! so awesome
@Animaniafreak lol! there were just so many people complaining about how useless it was, even if it was cool....but NO WAY! It's so cool!
Oh I agree!! I'd totally buy this.
Lol I love your instinctive reaction to this novel product: to follow beauty tutorial ofc! I'm with you on this one, I'd totally get this just so I can finally do the makeup tutorial in real time!
perfect invention! I need one asap.
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