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Alright maybe not KILL, but this boyfriend just took a prank WAY TOO FAR.

I saw this posted on Facebook and could not get the joke at all.

Basically this guy chops off a TON of his girlfriends hair while she's sleeping and films her reaction.

Obviously she's super pissed off.

All the reactions online were negative and it totally went viral.

In response to the thousands of people calling him a dick (valid) he responded:

"Let's have this right. I love Jen more then words can explain, I obviously expect people to think that I'm asshole for doing this, which is a fair comment.
'We're cool, happy as always. I've still got a lot of making up to do. But just to let everyone know I already booked her hair appointment for a brand new weave tomorrow before doing this.

Does anyone on Vingle think this is okay?

Let's talk about the real issue here: she's still dating him.
if she is, that's on her.
Dammmmnn Ballsy little poop. I would come unglued. He would definitely be out the door see if he thinks thats funny. Everyone who said abuse is right it is abuse. I hurt for her. I had hair long enough to sit on and was curly. I was pissed when chemo took my hair. I cant wrap my mind around the fact that someone would do something so vile to someone they claim to love!
@JimTurpen RIGHT!?!??!?!??! I would like, never be able to sleep around him anymore?!
he cut her hair (natural) to book her a weave (artificial) hmmm. well I'm black and growing out my natural hair takes some work... I won't take that joke as funny... at all.
She could press charges on him, there is video of him doing it there's no way he could escape it. Plus, he clearly thinks this is fine to do to people. What happens when he gets another girlfriend and does something even worse "just for fun"? No way. He needs to be taught a lesson by paying for what he did.
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