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The latest in alternative milks is creamy, slightly sweet, and packed with three times more nutrition than traditional dairy - but it also comes from a camel's teet.

Yes, camel milk is the newest option hitting local coffee shops all across the United States, all thanks to a nationally-distributing company called Desert Farms.
According to the company, camel milk is both delicious AND nutritious, citing that one glass will provide you with:
- Three times the amount of Vitamin C
- High levels of iron, B vitamins, and unsaturated fatty acids
- Half the saturated fat
- Eases diabetes and alleviates autism symptoms
- Boosts energy and mental clarity

Those who have tried it say that camel milk is both slightly sweet and salty - with one blogger adding it's like "someone left a pretzel in a glass of regular milk".

However, camel milk is particularly pricey. One case of six 8-ounce containers purchased through Desert Farms will cost you $60 plus shipping. (Which is a heap load of money if you ask me. A hump load, in fact.)

So I want to know: Would you want to try camel milk? Or has anyone on Vingle actually tried camel milk before?

Let me know in the comments below!
it's only good on hump day
Omg Moss! I would like to try one glass
I'd try it but that's way too expensive to drink regularly.
i aint spending sixty bucks on camel milk when I'm too cheap ta spend 6 on cow milk lol
wow so we can milk a cow -.- A FREAKING COW but every other species is disgusting. Like its the same this as milking a cow, not that I drink camel milk, but I'm just saying
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