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The latest in alternative milks is creamy, slightly sweet, and packed with three times more nutrition than traditional dairy - but it also comes from a camel's teet.

Yes, camel milk is the newest option hitting local coffee shops all across the United States, all thanks to a nationally-distributing company called Desert Farms.
According to the company, camel milk is both delicious AND nutritious, citing that one glass will provide you with:
- Three times the amount of Vitamin C
- High levels of iron, B vitamins, and unsaturated fatty acids
- Half the saturated fat
- Eases diabetes and alleviates autism symptoms
- Boosts energy and mental clarity

Those who have tried it say that camel milk is both slightly sweet and salty - with one blogger adding it's like "someone left a pretzel in a glass of regular milk".

However, camel milk is particularly pricey. One case of six 8-ounce containers purchased through Desert Farms will cost you $60 plus shipping. (Which is a heap load of money if you ask me. A hump load, in fact.)

So I want to know: Would you want to try camel milk? Or has anyone on Vingle actually tried camel milk before?

Let me know in the comments below!
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it's only good on hump day
2 years ago·Reply
Omg Moss! I would like to try one glass
2 years ago·Reply
oooh sounds so interesting, I'd love to try some!
2 years ago·Reply
HAHA i laughed at Ben Stiller's one liner
2 years ago·Reply