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Okay, okay, first I want to say I'm sorry @AimeeH was sick. I hope you recover soon girl!! 😊 Second, I was super excited as always to do this game! And this time I had more variety!! I hope you enjoy my story!
Ooh! He'd be an awesome best friend, and I know that cause in another screenshot game he was also my best friend! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ yay!!
Am adventure? With my Bean?! Heck yes! He's so cute! We'd have tons of fun! Oh, but where will we go?
Apparently it was Leo's turn to pick, but he decided to let me choose instead (he really is lazy sometimes, lol) πŸ˜‰
....oooooooh. My best friend has a crush on me? This sounds like a movie! Especially since...
I want to date him too!!! But I'm afraid of ruining our friendship! I love him so much! I'll what I'll do! Oh, I know what adventure we can go on! And it'll help distract me!
Rick climbing! I hate rock climbing, but physical labor and the fact that I have to concentrate on not falling will help distract me!
Oh Ken, you're such an awesome friend! *huggles him* you really are helping and being supportive! Whoa, who's coming our way?
Hakyeon?!? What are you...oh, I see. *giggles* so cute! 😊 I'd love to spend some quality time with you! But it will have to wait because I'm hungry and my best friend promised me food!
Yay! Food!
After all that, my Hakyeon eventually win over my heart! ❀️ I'm sorry Ravi my bff, I guess it wasn't meant to be! We are still friends, right?!
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Thank you so much dear!! I'm being sure to rest so I can 100% soon! Thank you for playing and I love your results!!! β™‘β™‘