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Annyong my lovely fanficters I know yes I am back, I feel bad that I haven't been able to post because of the radio station it has been keeping me so busy most of the time, I promise I will try my best to keep doing these on my spare time forgive me don't hate me I know I have left you guys on incogno. please forgive me ~ in return read this keke you will love it i promise ~ believe in me ~ anyways who should i do next? comment down below my fellow and lovely book worms
*beep beep* the smell of coffee invaded your whole dorm, with fully closed eyes you move your warm white fluffy blankets to one side of your bed almost crying and throwing a tantrum. you just wished to be inside thoose warm fluffy bed sheets forever but the smell of coffee made you get up from bed tiptoeing towards the hallway and slowly into the kitchen for a freshly mug of coffee that had a mustache that Siwon had gave you on valentines day as a present, you smirk and smell that freshly brewed coffee, while you take a sip of it you open up your eyes slowly and say " 맛있어 - {mashisseo} yummy!" *Bing Bing* you turn on your phone and there is a snap of your boyfriend of him saying good morning you smiled and replied him back with "are you there yet?" "is everything OK?" "text me when you arrive" he didn't answer, your doubts started to overwhelm your tense heart all you could do is to be patient and wait for him to arrive safely. you finished up your coffee, you washed your mug and dried it up you look outside your window and see that it's raining you smile and giggle like a dumb person. you start to remember the first time you both ran like crazy kids getting wet not caring if you both could of caught a cold, you both enjoyed that moment and mostly rain. you look at the clock and sigh~ within that breath you say, "(난죽겠다~ {nan juketda} I'm going to die) without him, I miss oppa" you go and get your clothes, towels and everything ready to head inside the bathroom for you to wash up. you noticed that you left your phone on your nightstand besides your bed. without thinking of you needing your phone, you open the water for you to shower, you wash up and dress up. You look at your reflection from the mirror and start drying your hair with your towel. once done getting the excessive water from your hair you grab the tooth brush that was inside of the tooth brush holder. you deeply look into it and don't see his tooth brush. you forcibly shake your head to stop thinking of oppa but instead you say to yourself "Oppa will be here in 12 days, they will go by so fast~" you smile and wash your teeth and immediately do your make-up.
When suddenly your phone starts ringing uncontrollably, you pick up your phone and it says on the caller Id *Unknown* you slide your finger into answering the call and slowly bringing the phone towards your ear. "여보세요 - yeoboseyo (hello) a silence invaded thoose three seconds, you say hello once again and suddenly.. "자기 - Jagi (darling)" you immediately smile, " I miss you, I just arrived, I sent you pictures of me on the airplane did you get them?" he says "I didn't, I'll see them later are you about to go the the hotel?" " yes" when suddenly you hear a lot of people screaming his name, he softly says "Jagi, I'll talk to you when I get there OK? love you! " he suddenly sends you a kiss through the phone and he hangs up. you smile like crazy the fact that he talked to you for not more than 4 minutes that satisfied your heavy heart. --------days passed-------- he called you once a while, since he was so busy doing photo shoots and fan meetings there in London. You didn't know of him for days only via News that was spread over the internet. *Bing Bing* your phone rang you ran from your room towards your phone that was on the kitchen counter your hands grab your phone while slipping through your fingers you catch it from falling to the floor. "woah, right in time sang I have good reflexes" you giggle, and smile and turn on your phone and as you thought it was oppa of him sending you a snap of him that said " 6 days till your mine " you astonishingly open your eyes and smile like a little kid knowing that oppa will be home soon. "kyyaa~ " you scream of happiness you do a video call on snapchayt and he answers, you with your messy hair and wearing a sweater of his you tell him cutely "oppppaaa~ I missed you, why don't you talk to me, I feel like you don't love me anymore" you pucker up your lips while he just smiles and laughs and says to you "don't you feel embarrassed, for people to be hearing you nagging to your handsome oppa look at you... " "yahhhh!" you screamed while giving him those deadly puppy eyes. "keyopta, fine! you win~ Jagi I've been really busy but now that I have time off I can give you some quality time OK, don't be mad at me oppa misses you so much and loves you way too much" he said. you ask him "how much do you love me " in a cute way. he answers back with "too the moon and back" you both giggle and he says " I'll show you where I'm going too " "waaa, OK" you smile "you know this is awkward but I'm doing it for you Jagi, you always make me do weird stuff what's wrong with you... " he said "you like it.. deal with it " you giggle. "I like your sweater, you miss me that much?" he said "yes, it smells like you so I put it on so I don't miss you that much" you laugh. "it looks good on you, how was your day" he said you both start having this conversation minutes passed while he got to his destination, "Jagi I'm hungry do you mind if I eat in front of you? " you say "no" since you love seeing him eat it gives you a weird happy/satisfied feeling. he goes inside the restaurant and gets seated, and looks at the menu and starts ordering. you listen to him carefully, you missed his voice so much that just hearing him it made you feel better. Looking at him on your phone is all you needed to make your night. "Jagi, I have something to say" he said. you looked at his serious face you know something bad will come from his mouth so you answered with a simple yet serious "yes" "would you do me a favor and go to the stack of mail there's a card that inside it has important documents will you open it for me please and read it to me really fast?" you go to the basket where you both place the mail, you start showing him the cards, he said "just open them one by one, please" you do as he pleases, and start opening one by one bills and other stuff were there and read them one by one, while he ate he said "is that all?" you search for more and there was one on the floor when you got the stack of cards.. you say to him "oh, one of then fell" you open it and there was a card writen by him saying. "jagi get your luggage ready because you are going to London I miss you way to much and I can't take it anymore I have to stay one more week here more work offers here so I will take the opportunities, let's have a date see you! love you~" with teary eyes you hear him giggle and starts saying to you.. "jagggiii~ why are you crying? you should be happy" "yaaa, I'm happy I've missed you way too much, you know this means a lot to me you mean a lot to me" while sobbing he softly says to you.. "get ready because you have two hours, one hour to pack up and another one for you to be on the airport in time" he smiles at you while you get yourself together and wipe your tears from you face and say to him. "OK, I'll go get ready, sarangahe" he replies "me too jagii see you in a couple hours call me when you get there" you both say goodbye and hang up, you suddenly start going crazy you run up the closet and start getting your clothes together, you start packing up you ran around the house and bringing him more clothes for him to wear since he just packed for two weeks. you put on a white shirt of his tucked in and a black leather jacket on top of that some ripped jeans and some converse, you do your hair wavy and do your make up really fast. you grab your luggage you call your mom and dad that you will be going to London for a week or so, they gave you their blessing and off you went to the airport, you arrived early and waited you send him a snap of you at the airport with a caption, "can't wait to see you~" your plane got in early and you went passed security really fast kind of surprised you felt that someone was following you, you see two tall men all dressed in black with a muffler on their mouth they looked suspicious, so you did your best to walk fast. you safely got into the airplane, with those two individuals following you to your row one on back of you and one besides you. suddenly another person sat in front of you with the same clothes they had you started to freak out and even the flight attendants looked at you like if you we're OK with that you sarcasticly smiled at them screaming inside to move you seats, but the flight attendant just passed besides you. the plane took off and you felt like your life was about to end there and you wouldn't see your oppa never again, you where thinking the worse case scenario a plane attack. you didn't sleep for hours the plane arrived and you got out of there fast as you could loosing the stalkers with all the crowd of people, you ran for your own life. you grab your phone and start calling oppa, oppa answers and you automatically say to him "oppa, where are you? " you walk fast and you see those three men following you once again you murmur to yourself "dammit, they found me" oppa says " who? look behind you dummyy" when suddenly someone grabs you by the hand, it was oppa and he says to the three men on black. "thanks for your hard work for protecting my baby, I'll pay you extra" you look at him and start hitting him on the shoulders, "yaaaa, I thought they where going to molest me don't do that again" he laughed his butt off while a crowd of people recognized him everything started to get crazy. the bodyguards got protective and you both started walking fast, apparently fans found out you where coming too. he said " how did they even find out, the power of fandom. is crazy" he covered your face while press was took pictures of you both, you went inside the car fast and drove off. he suddenly says , "I didn't even get to hug you or kiss you" you giggle and hug him tightly and softly say to him, "finally" while he pulls you back slowly and grabs your jaw line and pulls it near his lips, he passionately kisses you. while both of you smile you push him back say to him, "yaaa they're looking at us" he says to the driver, "you didn't see anything right?" the driver says "no sir, and I don't pretend to look at all, I'll keep this a secret" oppa says "good , thanks!" he turns around and looks at you and smiles with that deep look you knew he craved you for a while..
alright thank you for reading this comment down below tell me who do you want me to do next ~ sorry once again love me back please keke~ I hope you all enjoyed it...
Yayyyyy.. I am missing this dork tho.. Ooo could you do TOP next? I'm missing him more
Too cute!
I loved that!
(sigh)......I hope he comes home safely from the conscripted police.
This made me smile so much!!
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