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The Cubs are the hottest team right now.

They are not only the number one team, their ace is throwing no-hitters, their batters are scoring runs like crazy, and even though its only April, it looks like this is the year for the Chicago Cubs, the year to finally break the curse.

And they are also looking hot. Like literally hot.

These are the suits that the Cubbies pulled off for their road trip.

Remember when there was that whole stint with the MLB's dress code during the off-season and Cubs manager, Joe Maddon, said the team can wear whatever they want as long as it's hot?

Well, they certainly are living up to his words.

My favorite suit goes out to John Lackey.

The team knows how to have fun and they certainly have one of the best team chemistries ever!
So my fellow Vingle baseball fans...

Do you think with this kind of team chemistry and teamwork, the Cubs have a shot at winning the World Series?

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Hahaaha they sure are right on board with Harper's campaign to make baseball fun again!