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Who is Grace Neutral and Why Does She Have Eye Tattoos?
While watching a documentary on the Korean plastic surgery industry, I became FASCINATED with the host of the show - Grace Neutral.

So, who is she?!

Grace Neutral is a tattoo artist with some of this most interesting pieces of body work I've ever seen.

For example:

- She got her tongue split in two
- She removed her belly button
- She got her eyes tattooed
- She had her ears cut so that they'd be pixie shaped
- She has pieces of her skin removed to create scars on her face

Watch this quick intro to her below for all the details:

"Just imagine if everyone was themselves, how different everyone would be. How refreshing it would be to walk out the door every day."

What do you think of her body changes? Would you get any of them?

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I think it's awesome she is one of a kind she doesn't care to look like you or me or Paris Hilton she knows herself and she portrays that!!!
a year ago·Reply
She is like a walking canvas :)
a year ago·Reply
she's absolutely gorgeous.
a year ago·Reply
I think her facts are scary but she is still a beautiful person
a year ago·Reply
i swear she be bea
a year ago·Reply