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So this isn't anything really new to those of us who have been into Kpop for a while, but I love how it was presented.

The woman speaking, Grace Neutral, talks about it in a really natural non-judgmental way and I really appreciate it.

More than 60% of women in their 20s have had plastic surgery in Korea. Here's a glimpse into their lives.

Side note - if you want to know more about Grace, check out THIS card I wrote.
@Bangtandoll tattoo are taboo. Having a tattoo is not illegal in korea. What is illegal is tatooing with your medical license.
Lol I was just gonna share this when I watched it this weekend
that girl that she was with even said that she only wanted cosmetic surgery because she wanted to, she made thr decision herself. even if thats not true, i think its their choice. like yes it would be nice if a wider range of looks were accepted, but everone has their preferences. i honestly want some cosmetic surgery myself just because i dont not like the way i look and it affects me emotionally, so i feel if i could change it i would feel better about myself. to me its all opinion. if its forced then no, but voluntary is none of my business ya know?
Wow I really like Grace. I love how she's unique and different in a good way. She's not afraid to be herself.
My only dislike of this is her saying that them getting surgery at 18 is to young. She obviously really believes in body modification and that is what plastic surgery is really. Changing your looks to fit what you desire. 18 is an adult and when you can start making those choices. I love this video though and I think its great that she stopped and took pictures and made it such a nondeal that she is outside what they see as normal.
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