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After sharing my Shaaanxo palette swatches yesterday, I was inspired to put together a look with the palette! But I didn't really know where to begin, so I decided to try a tutorial by Shannon herself, since she created the palette and all!

Here's the final look I achieved!

Ignore my crazy brows here, lol.
This was a super bronze-y look using 4ish of the colors in the palette, and it was so easy to do following along. I think I could have gone a litttttle more extreme with my eye liner in the end, but I actually loved this look & felt sooooo confident all day yesterday after wearing it :D I think you could do the same look just using similar colors if you have them!
I really really loved being able to use one of the shadows for highlighter; so much better than the highlighters I currently own, haha! Probably my favorite part of the palette so far ^-^

Here's a slightly closer look at my eyes~

Ignore my dry skin :P

Here's the tutorial if you want to try it :)

Eyeshadow is on point!
Loveeee the bronze!
@marshalledgar yesssss I love it so much! @jordanhamilton @iixel thank you :)
your eyes look so good @hikaymm that palette is dope
You look pretty!!! I think now I can like the palette even more.
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