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Thank you to @AimeeH for creating this game and tagging me, and also thank you to @StefaniTre and @DianaBell for tagging me as well! :) Here we go!
Hell, yeah, Hongbin and I are the Dimple Squad! :D
Sure, Wonsik-ah, let's go! Spending time with you is always fun! :)
Aww, Jaehwanie, you do? I thought we were only friends. I really like you, but not in that way. :'(
Ah, so you bullied the others into letting me choose the adventure, huh? Well, I'm glad you're so loyal to your noona, but I'm sure they would have let me choose anyway, if you'd just let me ask them nicely. xD
Sunshine, warm weather and lots of good food, one of the best ways to spend time with friends! :)
Ah, you're so sweet, trying to protect me when things get too rough among the other boys. And you're always making sure I got some food before the others get it all. x3
I know you can be really shy, and getting close to me isn't as easy for you as it is for the others, but that's okay, we have time. :)
Playfully stuffing my mouth is more like it. There's too much food, I can barely chew! Small bites, small bites!
But of course I let you because I want to be close to you. Even if I risk choking on some tuna sandwiches in the process. xD
And it payed off! At least almost dying was worth it. xD
And that's it! What a nice day for a picnic. x3
I love your commentary!! ♡ XD Thank you for playing!!
@AimeeH Haha, thanks xD