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I thought it would be fun if we could all share our base makeup routines!!
I love seeing the order & products other people use when putting on their base products, so I thought I'd share mine first!
@amobigbang did a challenge before where I already shared my whole "routine" but I've added a step so I thought I'd update it & see if anyone else wants to join in!

And if anyone else shares I will enjoy those, too!!!

Here's the products that I use!

- Pacifica Dreamy Youth Day & Night Face Cream
- Philosophy the Present Face Primer
- Milani Eyeshadow Primer
- Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage foundation
- LORAC porefection powder

First the lotion~

Then the primers!

I use just a tiny amount of the Philosophy primer and reallllly spread it out (it's kind of....greasy & spreadable till it sets). Then just a tiny bit of the eyeshadow primer on both eyes.

Then the foundation!

I used a wedge to apply it this day, pic is before applying lol

Then the powder!

Again this is too buttery to use on top of the creamy tarte foundation but I do it anyways because I love how soft it is, lol! Pic is before adding the powder.

And that's it!

Idk why I look so sleepy here (probably because I was when I took these pics, hahahaha) but yeah!

Join the challenge!

You don't have to post pics of your face if you don't want to, but share your products & what order you apply your base in. Make sure to tag me ;)
@iixel it's ok!! do it whenever you can ^_^ @stephosorio lols i do and i dont? i do it more out of habit than anything haha.
I was just about to make a card for this but realized all my pictures have disappeared D: And I won't be home til tomorrow to take new ones
I'll look do this!!!
@atmi that's so good for your skin though. these products all feel really light on my skin so thankfully i dont feel i'm drowning i tout too much but everyone is different :)
sorry *
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