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Hello my fellow Giants fans!

We are done with April baseball and is it just me, or are you guys feeling this as well? It seems like we don't have a nice, steady balance and the Shark still has yet to prove his worth.
What do you guys think about our team at this point in the season? Write down your thoughts in the comments section below!
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Yeah I agree with @CeezonKing. It's really the bullpen that's been the problem.
2 years ago·Reply
even the rare six runs cueto has given up so far our offense has left the bases stranded in all but one inning. we have to tighten up
2 years ago·Reply
Things will begin to click soon. It's only April
2 years ago·Reply
or may. lol @duckthefodgers i feel you im not worried just wish we could have hit the ground running. i hope we get the freak back he gonna be revamped and nasty
2 years ago·Reply
@CeezonKing Yeah no worries the Rockies will go down as soon as it becomes summer
2 years ago·Reply