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Some Things Never Change.
This reminds me of every time I go to visit my family on the east coast. I moved to California when I was in my early teens, so whenever we meet up again, they treat me like I'm still that girl.
I DEFINITELY don't mind it though. Kind of nice being fussed over when you're an adult and usually forced to fuss over everything and everyone else, right?
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@AyansakuraBloss I just remember my grandma would let me eat popcorn in bed. I thought that was so rebellious lol.
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@danidee You know what would be better? Popcorn balls!! \(^o^)/
a year ago·Reply
@AyansakuraBloss Omg, my mom used to be obsessed with popcorn balls.
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@danidee Are they hard to make?
a year ago·Reply
@AyansakuraBloss Not really! It's like making Rice Krispy treats almost!
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