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Life as a dog isn't as simple as it looks.

No one knows this more than San Francisco-based illustrator Robert Brown, which is why he and CollegeHumor created this hilariously accurate look at life in the mind of the average Fido.

Ever wanted to know what your dog is thinking?

Look no further.

For you, it's a morning jog. For him, it's literally eternity.

Bathtubs: Relaxation or absolute torture?

One man's burger is one dog's... well...

You hear thunder, but he hears the roar of some pissed off gods.

Did anybody order the poo-poo platter?

To be fair, I think a lot of humans would agree.

So which ones do you think make sense for YOUR dog? Are there any that you disagree with?

Let me know in the comments below!
The waiting for an eternity for someone to come home...my dog's favorite toy mysteriously migrates to my bedroom whenever I am gone.
pretty much see the excitement of my return and the devastation of my departure even for a five minutes to get the mail
haha these are so cute!
hahaha why is buddy always left alone for eternityyyyyyyy
my dog would always be happy to see me but afraid everytime I grab the dog shampoo
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