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Good afternoon Vinglers. This week we will be posting up photos of our dream cars. With all the money in the world which car or cars would you want to drive? Would it be a Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458 Italia or maybe even a Nissan GT-R? Post them up here at Vingle! Have a good weekend everyone! Takashi02
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@goyo I have to agree the Aventador is truly a work. Have you also seen the Koenigsegg agera-r? That's also one of my favorites too but it doesn't get much notice
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Nah I haven't seen it could u put it up with the specs?
4 years ago·Reply
I'm gonna go "modest" and just ask for a Tesla Roadster, Id really loce to have one
4 years ago·Reply
@guzmanDiaz tesla has to be one of my favorite sports cars. For an all electric car that thing is so quick!
4 years ago·Reply
obviously Lamgorghini Aventador...its my dream car...
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