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Over-Used Korean Phrase: 다시 만나

This is a phrase you hear a lot in Kpop! 다시 - again


만나 - Meet, to meet, let's meet


At 1:36 you hear Joy say:

우리 다시 만나 - We meet again, let's meet again.

(oori da-shi man-na)

Is there anyone you'd like to say "Let's meet again!" to?

Ukiss-meet again
2 years ago·Reply
Forget the "again!" I just want to meet Oppa in general! 😝
2 years ago·Reply
so is it the same as in "Run" by BTS?
2 years ago·Reply
다시 만나요 by ukiss! 😸😸 im trash leave me be 😹😹😹
2 years ago·Reply
There are many people I would say. let's meet again, to but also, let's just meet!!!
2 years ago·Reply