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Thanks @AimeeH it was fun as always! Ok let's see what the adorable goofs have in store for me this time.
This means I get to talk to him and spend lots of time with him, YES! Come to me kitty we'll be friends forEVER!
Why yes Binnie I'd love to go adventuring with you, how'd you know? Let's go!
whaaa? When did this happen Ravi? I'm flattered!
Aww thanks Hakyeon, so sweet of you! Let's hope I pick something fun..
A picnic?! I LOVE PICNICS!!! Can you imagine how fun that'd be with VIXX?
Look how attentive you are with your lil crush on me. You're swaying my heart boy watch out now.
Uh oh.. what have we here? Don't worry you're still my bias Binnie!
Well thank you Ken but this is really more something you should be doing with your girl friend.
See I told you you were shaking my heart!
Wow! I wasn't expecting that. But best friends make the best boyfriends I guess. All that togetherness must have inspired deeper feelings. Totally more than ok with this! Tagging the VIXXEN MOD SQUAD too @JiyongLeo @Helixx @MandyNoona @StefaniTre @kelseyblair
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Thank you for playing!! I love your results!