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This reminds me of the time my sister tried to make egg salad by putting boiled eggs and mayonnaise in a blender. Some of us just weren't meant for the culinary world.

How about you? Can you cook?

I love cooking. I make a mean matzoh ball soup.
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@ctsr1 What do you usually make?
you name it I can almost make it. tonight I made curry and chicken. easy peasy @danidee tomorrow I'm making ravioli lets see how it turns out. a new venture for me
@ctsr1 I want to start making my own butter chicken curry. I need a few extra ingredients I don't already own, but it seems pretty simple!
@danidee it really is. patience is key for the right flavor on curry
@ctsr1 Yeah, I've messed around with curry seasonings before, but I've never made a curry. Just like, curried tofu scramble and things like that.