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Whether it be because you already know the plot twist or because it's your the favorite anime of your mortal enemy, we all have an anime or two we just....don't want to watch.
For me, sometimes I don't start an anime because I worry that I'll like it too much and then never be able to stop watching it (that was why I waited so long to watch Fairy Tail, after all!!!)

I want you to tell me what anime you refuse to watch in the comments!

Because I think it'll be fun to hear what people don't want to watch
it'll be fun to see people try to convince each other to watch their favorite shows :P
@OtakuDemon10 馃槀 You don't like ecchi but you plan on watching Boku no Pico? 馃槀馃槀馃槀 As Mr. Moseby would say, "Good luck with that."
Hunter X Hunter Nobody can or will ever make me watch it馃槅
i refuse to watch any anime with a lot of echi or any harem anime, i can understand why some people like it (cuz they're pervs.....lol) but i want anime that has good plot, character development etc. I'm not saying i don't like fan service every now and then. fairy tail is my all time favorite ongoing anime, and even though it has a lot of male fan service (i personally think hiro mashima is a bit of a perv lol) it doesn't focus completely on it, which is great in my book
anything with mechs in it
i never told my anime friends this but i refuse to watch Naruto. I know, i know, but the length, the storyline seems pretty boring....
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