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Whether it be because you already know the plot twist or because it's your the favorite anime of your mortal enemy, we all have an anime or two we just....don't want to watch.
For me, sometimes I don't start an anime because I worry that I'll like it too much and then never be able to stop watching it (that was why I waited so long to watch Fairy Tail, after all!!!)

I want you to tell me what anime you refuse to watch in the comments!

Because I think it'll be fun to hear what people don't want to watch
it'll be fun to see people try to convince each other to watch their favorite shows :P
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I like how most of the comments are "I don't watch X show because it's overrated, or I don't watch X because the art style, or the length." I refuse to watch Elfen Lied. The story and art are interesting. However, I watched the first episode before I was ready for the blood and gore and it scarred me. I just can't bring myself to watch it again. I love Attack on Titan and others with plenty of gore now, but I can't return to Elfen Lied for some reason.
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@OtakuDemon10 馃槀 Be prepared to be the most uncomfortable in your life then. 馃槀馃槀 I would pay to see your face while watching it.
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same @IvanHusak they're so boring I wan to see real characters fight not machines
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._. dragon ball z, naruto, fairy tale, one piece...
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pokemon it used to be good but now i consider it one if the worst anime ever
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