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After posting this card last week, I saw that a lot of people have something against a looooooot of different genres of anime. And I totally get that! I mean, we can't all love everything :D

But it gave me an idea....

Why don't we write some cards about "The Case For This Anime Genre." The idea won't be to convert someone to LOVE that kind of anime, but rather, to show them the variety that it has. Every genre of anime has many, many different types of shows, and I can honestly say there's a show I like in nearly every major genre!

It would go something like this:

- Explain what stereotypes usually make up an anime of that genre
- Touch on what makes this genre fun
- Give an example of a really traditional anime that fits that genre perfectly
- Give a few examples of anime that are that genre, but can be enjoyed by those who might not think they LIKE that genre
- Write whatever else you want!

I wrote a card for Sports Anime to give you guys an idea!

Sports anime was one of the ones the most people wrote that they didn't like, so I thought I'd start there!

Here's the other genre's people said they don't like:

- Sports
- Harem
- Ecchi
- Slice of Life
- High School
- Sci-fi (when combined with Harem)
- Yaoi
- Tragedy
- Drama/romance
- Action
- Yuri
- Horror
- Reverse Harem
- Mecha

If you make a card like this,

tag me and let me know!!! We can come up with some suggestions for everyone who didn't enjoy the genres to see if they will find something they like that they might not have discovered otherwise! :D

Tagging everyone who commented on my original card!!

Tagging some new faces:

Minna!! I've been away but now I'm back!!! @hikaymm thank you thank you so much for always tagging me on your posts. I've just realized I've made a huge mistake by misunderstanding the last post before this one.. haha.. baka. Will try to make a card. Yosh
I might take this up on slice of life.
since you took the time to tag me ill add mine but not in a card. My second favorite genre is Mecha first being romance but not gonna touch that one since its been said on here. What makes me like the Mecha genre so much is the giant robots which make it a Mecha genre. I mean who wouldnt want to pilot a robot thats like 25x bigger than you and fly around in outer space the big unknown. Then theres also the battles that partake in almost every episode. Lots of bright lights flashes and explosions its almost like a rave 馃槣 jk. But they are pretty sweet almost every episode is action packed, just no complaint that can be had from me atleast. My most favorite anime in this genre is Eureka Seven is definitely a must see if you havent seen it already, it doesnt just focus on mecha, also if part romance, scifi, this anime will teach you alot of things like work for what you want and that the more you love someone their appearance doesnt matter its who they are, could go on but is definitely a good one you wont regret it. Some other recommendations are Aldnoah Zero, Kakumeiki Valverave, Muv Luv Alternative, Mobile Suit Gundam Series, Suisei No Gargantia
One of my favorite genres is romance. It's gotta have comedy in it, though. Romance stereotypes for anime is that people think it's just corny, girly, or too dramatic.They are commonly called shoujo, even when they aren't. I like romance anime, because it's perfect fangirl material. I enjoy watching romance more than having one of my own, which is a little weird. A traditional romance anime has got to be Toradora. Now that one is popular. I liked Toradora because it wasn't cliche. I'll list more great romance animes below......................................... Lovely complex Kamisama Hajimemashita sakurasou no pet na kanojo itazura na kiss Daa Daa Daa Akagami to shirayuki hime lots more that I've forgotten. 馃槀
Harem. doesn't have to be echhi even. Harem anime are just, in general, hilarious. the akward scenarios are comical. Note: school days is a rather infuriating anime, by what it managed to do makes it one of the greatest.
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