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Growing up I always hated my widow's peak. Some of you might be totally confused what I'm talking about, so here is a brief history. A widow's peak is a v-shape dip at the center of the forehead. This physical trait is considered bad luck as it signifies early widowhood. Actually, the name widow's peak was given because it resembled the hood widows wore for mourning back in the 1800s.
I have no idea why I am the only one with a widow's peak in my family but I have to deal with it. College changed my life and also my perspective on beauty and I grew to embrace this awkward hairline.
Nonetheless, people with widow's peak probably has the most difficult time styling their hair.

1. When we thought bangs could hide the imperfection, but bangs are so annoying especially during summer.

2. The frustration of taming those baby hair aka frizzy cowlicks.

3. There's no such things as right hair part for widow's peaks.

4. There's always a random strand of hair falling down your face.

5. When you're almost tempted to get rid of it.

Btw, don't it will grow back and you will resent it.

6. Perfect ponytail is the hardest thing to accomplish.

7. Despite all the stress with styling our hair we find hope through celebrities with similar hair condition.

@HairConfetti haha I went through a scene/emo phase, so I've grown pretty accustomed to having hair over my eye.
I have a widows peak and being black with extremely think hair makes it even harder to handle. It's such a burden, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I do extreme side parts though.
I have a widows peak. I don't mind it
@Animaniafreak LOL I only picked celebrity photos because I feel bad for using random people's photos found on google. Well, like I mentioned above widow's peak isn't that bad and it's not noticeable unless the person pull their hair back into a tight ponytail where it looks like a receding hair line.
@ChelseaJay Thanks for sharing. :) I always find extreme side part difficult for me because a strand always fall down and cover my eye. So, i just keep it close to center part.
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