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Sometimes our feelings get the best go us.

Chasing a guy who has made it clear that he isn't interested only hurts us in the end. Trust me, I've been there before. Your mind tells you to move on, but your heart won't let you. The two playing an intense game of tug of war and your heart continuously wins. The struggle is real, but moving on will benefit you in the long run.
Letting go of a guy who was never interested actually comes with some pretty amazing benefits, believe it or not. If you've ver been in this situation then you should know first hand. If you want to officially be over this guy and benefit yourself in the process, keep scrolling to see four things that happen when stop chasing the one who isn't interested.

Your Self-Esteem Hits The Roof

Just because a guy says he isn't interested, doesn't mean you aren't amazing. The moment you realize that will be the moment you realize just how amazing you truly are.

You Realize What A Waste Of Time He Was

Was he really the best fit for you? Probably not. Chasing a guy is never okay. You learn, you move on.

You Have So Much More Free Time For Yourself

Now that your worries and cares are focused on yourself, instead of chasing a guy you can do something much more productive for yourself. Go shopping, pick up a hobby, meet new people, simply be happy.

You Can Focus Your Attention On Other Guys

One bad apple doesn't necessarily mean all the rest on the tree will also be bad. Weigh your options and give dating a chance. The right one will come along when the time is right.

Have you ever been put in this sticky situation before?

How did you finally detach your feelings?
well as jerky as it may sound...I simply cut ties with unproductive and destructive talking to them no hanging around them..I won't even go to places we used to go
Thanks for sharing. ..good points...its not worth it when it's one sided irrespective of the a person with a good loving heart investing oneself and it's not mutually reciprocated then don't waste your time...share/give your love to someone that brings happiness to you...
@jordanhamilton right on ^_^
@jordanhamilton except Hannibal Lector
time is of the essence! that's all we need sometimes @MyAffairWith
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