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Going To South Korea!!!!

I know it's not really Kpop related, but I really wanted to share this news!!! So for those of you who didn't already know me and my little sister @jiggzy19 are going to South Korea with our older sister and our Mom!!! We are going to be in South Korea for three weeks, it's the first time I've had a proper holiday in close to 17 years! We leave for the airport in about 6 and a half hours so I'm off to bed now, just wanted to share this with all of my Vingle Family!!!! I'll do my best to take lots of photos (honestly not that good at it though) And I'll try my best not to let it interfere too much with my duties as moderator!!!! Talk to you all when I'm in Korea!!!!
Awe lucky :3 in so happy for you though. Take lots of pictures and have fun ❤️
aweee I hope u have fun 😉 I'm excited for the pictures 👌
omg have fun, post ALL of the pictures and buy a ton of Kpop merch. We will be living through you!
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