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You guys knew this was coming. It was only a matter of time before NCT_U "Seventh Sense" made SOTD. This song is so good and its actually one of my favorite debuts of this year already. The CHOREO BLEW MY MIND!!
I wish NCT_U the best. I kind of mad of the hate Taeyong is receiving but to be honest the hate comes when a person has talent. So I'm looking at it as a compliment. NCT_U is great!
Still have this song on constant repeat. The song is good and the boys are talented. Personally Taeyong is my bias. I hope he can stay strong through all the hate.
Taeyong is my bias
This song for me is on constant replay!!! And Doyoung and his vocals give me the feels!!!!!!!!!
@CuteBabyLay He's my first bias. Doyoung is still trying to compete for that spot
@MaraWhite Doyoung is my other bias in that group. I love his voice