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Gross - 11

Yeah, I think the idea of them are pretty gross too. But I am actually surprised that 4 of you would try it. Bugs are just soooo not in my radar for consumption.

Would you try Coração de Frango from Brazil? They are chicken hearts and they are tender, juicy, and a delight to many.
ive had chicken hearts and guisards, I love it.. not from brazil just regular chickens
@Ticasensei Ahh, no! Gosh, I'm so sorry!!!! I only meant that "chicken hearts" sounds like something in a spell...that's not helping... I'm so sorry! Forgive me😢 I'm really, sorry. I'll delete the comment it's offensive.
gizzards are also good, but have a chewy texture ,unless they are pressure cooked before hand, that might put people off
Eating the heart of a chicken sounds like something a witch might offer you as a snack. I couldn't do it.
@YumiMiyazaki haha it's ok, I think lots of people enjoy them =) you should try them
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