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I know I haven't updated you guys in awhile. I think my last card for this collection was 2 weeks ago, but I didn't really give a true update. I am still living a mostly vegetarian diet, however I did have a couple of slip ups. If you want to actually call that. I did have sushi. I am still debating if I'd like to be an occasional pescatarian.
But I don't really like restrictions, so I'll just say I am mostly vegetarian. I definitely know I will not be eating meat more than twice a month. Which I think is pretty decent. Giving up meat during Lent was a very good thing for me. I was able to stick it out and discover all of my vegetarian options.
There's some things I do need to consider, like my current food budget. Since I also try not to eat processed foods very often, that means I get my calories from mostly plants and foods like pasta/rice/oatmeal. And you quickly discover how low in calories those things can be, so you might find yourself eating three whole broccoli plants in a day to keep satisfied(haha!)
Anyway, there goes my update! I also have been more busy than usual, so I haven't kept up with the beautiful cooking. But I will soon. :)
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Yeah, I never really believed in throwing a label on your eating habits. I think that opens up the possibility of other people policing what you decide you feel like eating that day. Lol, BUT I WILL SAY that I've been gluten-free vegan, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and low-GI, and out of all of those diets, I felt the healthiest on pescatarian.