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It was a good view while it lasted.

Friday was an amazing day. Do you know why? Drake dropped his highly anticipated album, 'Views From The 6'. If you happen to be a Drizzy fan then you know that he can definitely get us in our feelings at the drop of a beat He's done it before and he definitely did it again with Views. While the album has a few tracks that will make you want to dance, the majority of your album will have you reminiscing on that one person. That person you probably don't want to think about, but you can't help but think about. Yeah, them. Man, Drake. Talk about serious feels. Drake took us back to his old school ways and had the slow jams on deck -- which means sappy instagram captions for months to come. No, seriously. If you've heard the album then you know exactly what I'm talking about, if you haven't keep scrolling and check out the handful of lyrics from the album of the summer that will have you drifting on a serious memory.

Song: Keep the Family Close

Lyric: Always saw you for what you could've been. Personal Explanation: It always comes down to us seeing that person who was once special to us turn out to be someone amazing, unfortunately, not everything always works out the way we would like. But that's life, right?

Song: U With Me?

Lyric: I think we just get closer when we aren't together. Personal Explanation: We've all been in this predicament. Both too stubborn to hit each other up, but the feelings grow stronger due to absence.

Song: Feel No Ways

Lyric: I tried with you. It's more life than sleeping in and getting high with you. I had to let go of us and show myself what I could do. Personal Explanation: Sometimes the one personal we love and are trying out best to work things out with is the very same person holding us back from seeing our full potential.

Song: Redemption

Lyric: Please give me time because I'm searching for these words to say to you. Personal Explanation: Actions always speak louder than words, but sometimes those words we want to speak most just won't come.

Song: Fire & Desire

Lyric: You never believe me. I told you I got Zzz's for these other girls. Sleeping on them, girl I'm sleepy. Personal Explanation: Whether he genuinely cares or he's just trying to prove a point, we've all had a guy explain himself to use at least one one occasion. Whether we choose to believe him or not is solely up to us.

Despite this album, what one song always seems to make you think of that one person?

lol it's cool. I didn't see it in that light. @kayfbeatz I'm a drake, solange, frank ocean, bryson tiller, frank sinatra, marvin gaye -- just to name a few kinda fan
@jordanhamilton I think I might have been unintentionally chauvinistic when I said that. I assumed all females are Beyoncé fans. my bad. so, what musician are you a big fan of?
1990 @jordanhamilton February
@jordanhamilton awwww!! I wish I could give you a hug.
@jordanhamilton solange - losing you Frank ocean - all his material. I think I get the general idea of what you like. I'm sure you're a 90's baby. you like quaint, vintage sounds.
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