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Vixx screenshot game!

Here are my results from the screenshot game created by our lovely @AimeeH !!! I'm taking to one of my BFFs on fb messenger as well, so his face will be in every photo
I love little activities and games and such. I always do them, even if I don't always post my results lol so always tag me, yeah?
I'm seriously drooling over this list so far
I'M GOING TO DIE BUT IT'LL BE OKAY I'm not very athletic lol i would legit fall. And I'm clumsy enough, I'd probably manage to tangle myself up in the fall. Go me!
So I end up dating the one I "want to date", so it all ends well! Though I'm not gonna lie, I'm perfectly okay with the fact that Hyukie is jealous
I'm thoroughly pleased with these results Now I just need to make this more of a reality.
I love your results! Thank you for playing! ♡
lol i always try to participate, even if i don't post. i recently got a new job with much more stable hours, so I'm going to try to be a bit more active!
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