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Ok so first we all know that the theory of BTS's comeback of the HYYH albums is that Jin killed himself ( if you don't go to YouTube and I suggest watching the Theory Thursday's by Justt Ally) anyway we all also know that Suga says "I forgive you" at the end of FIRE now I didn't think of this but when my sister read the lyrics she came up with the idea that BTS is saying that they forgive Jin for killing himself finally😱😱😱😱😱😱 I mean it kinda makes a lot of sense and when she said that I legit cried.
These are picture of Jin in the MV's 1. I NEED U 2. On Stage- Prologue 3. I NEED U Japanese Version 4. Run 5. Run Japanese Version
damn it it was so lit now it ain't lit now my emotions are lit *dabs with bambam while crying *
really? I thought that due to the Peter pan effect, bts wanted to stay young forever, but Jin decided that he wanted to grow up and leave. therefore, in the run mv, everyone was basically falling apart and acting reclessly since Jin wasnt there to keep them under control. this is my thought since at the end of the run mv, jungkook looks back at Jin who is still in the car (which is why there is 6) and smiles showing that he is the only one that accepts jin's decision to leave and grow up. the tunnel incident was their last time playing with jin like they used to. and now, in fire, they all accepted his choice to leave and forgives him. they all are still burning in youth and also, at the beginning of the fire mv, suga jumps over the fence that says youth. (aka he climbed over youth). and thats what I thought
just when I thought Fire was a good song to pump people up you bring that shit in here and now I'm rethinking all of my life choices
wow! what omg im gonna cry if thats what it was about!!!!