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Wow, that title almost sounds really dirty. But you know what, pupusas are freakin' amazing. They are thick, handmade tortillas that are often filled with different ingredients like cheese, meat, and refried beans. This dish is known both in El Salvador and Honduras.

I hope you have a napkin nearby because you're about to drool.

Pupusas with curtido and salsa roja.

Breakfast pupusas with salsa and avocado slices

Jalapeno and cheese pupusas

Pupusas with pork shoulder, and pepper jack cheese

"Perfectly fried" pupusas

Cheese, egg, and steak pupusas

Spinach, mushroom, carrot, and cheese pupusas

What's your favorite kind of pupusa filling? Squash pupusas have always been my favorite. Or loroco cactus flower.
@alywoah haha... it's a kinda of pan fried bread. growing up, we didn't have a stove, just a hot plate. top it with peanut butter honey mix, mmm mmm good lol
do ittt :) @MelissaGarza
@Matokokepa i have no idea what that is lol
I definitely need to try these out.
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