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I think this is A cute Ship too #BokuNoHeroAcademia #TodorokiShouto #YaoyorozuMomo #BokuNoHeroAcademiaShips
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@InVinsybll Yea that type of thing gets old I'd like to see Kacchan become a villain because he's just BatShit Crazy lol
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@BlackoutZJ nah I would hate that. then the manga/anime would just be Naruto all over again. I even had this conversation with my friend. The manga right now is really reminding me of the arc when Sasuke left Konoha
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I had one too I hate that repeated idea but it really feels like that's how it might go and part of me would l like it but the other part of me would like to see them Become one of the strongest duos ever @InVinsybll
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@BlackoutZJ I'd rather see Kacchan come back to the academy and just be a real rival to Deku. Not like a villain rival, a friend rival. if anything, seeing Tokoyami go evil would be more interesting
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Yea Tokoyami and Dark Shadow would be pretty cool lol @InVinsybll
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