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My BTS ALBUM GOT SHIPPED TODAY AND I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! I wonder who i got!!!! Ive gotten suga 3 times in a row lol but i want my bias jimin!!! Its ok tho i love them all but i don't want the same person all the time you know lol πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Who else is excited?? Also i hope i get a mini photocard first press in one of my albums!!😭😭 its (limited) and if not who ever gets one is so luckyyy!!
I ordered both as well, I got mine off amazon which its from kpop mart. I've order all the albums except for Skool Luv Affair Special Edition cause I can't find it anywhere. I had gotten a bonus on my check so I ordered them all haha I think I've gotten Jin (my UB 😁) 2 times, V 4 times, and Jungkook once. I might make a card or video showing what I have whenever I get the new albums in 😊
i preordered it as well but i only got night version on ebay and i think it said first press but im not sure if its possible for them to know if they got first press or not yet though lol i hope to get v or jimin or jin cuz theyre my bias haha (sorry i cannot choose one bias!)
I ordered oy but they said it would be a while. I'm excited tho. :) and I really hope I get my bias Kookie :)
@EverieMisfit wow thats cheap the 3 i have now plus the bts forever young one is already like 100 something. Oo and when i ordered my thing on ebay they give a special gift and it a sk bts identity card so i wonder who i'm going to get on that too. I have bought so many BTS thing stickers, lomo cards, posters,ECT..... BTS YOU EXPENSIVE LOL
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