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My BTS ALBUM GOT SHIPPED TODAY AND I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! I wonder who i got!!!! Ive gotten suga 3 times in a row lol but i want my bias jimin!!! Its ok tho i love them all but i don't want the same person all the time you know lol 馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋 Who else is excited?? Also i hope i get a mini photocard first press in one of my albums!!馃槶馃槶 its (limited) and if not who ever gets one is so luckyyy!!
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@sarabear1021 jimin especially killed me in run era and hes so cute now since he gained a bit of weight! im glad he did though cuz he was starting to look unhealthy and im glad hes starting to kind of get over his eating disorder! i just hope haters keep their mouths quiet this time either that or jimin stops caring so much about what people say cuz anyone calls one of them ugly just cuz of no abs theyre not a real army and is here for wrong reason especially since in the video everyone was talking about there was nothing wrong with how his tummy looked!!
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I pre-ordered both and they shipped today also!!! I cat wait to get them!!!
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@MirandaStephens ik ppl need to make up there mind they want abs and then they don't tbh i don't really care as long as hes healthy i'm ok i don't like him because of his abs any way i like him because of his personality and his talent
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@jazgaara33 IKK!!!! I'm tracking mine!!!
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Awww I want Suga 馃槶 he's my bias!!
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