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I've been told that Spam used to be the norm, that the hunk of homogeneous pink mystery meat was eaten frequently solely because it was cheap and not because it's delicious. But for me, Spam musubi was a special occasion food growing up, the crispy, teriyaki-glazed Spam cushioned by two layers of fresh rice, all bound together by shimmering seasoned seaweed. They takes some time to assemble, so I treat Spam musubi as a special occasion, family get-together food, rather than a lunch or snack item like a lot of people (aka, a lot of the Japanese-American moms I know).
LOL That seriously IS better than turkey sandwiches. Best moms ever.
@danidee i grew up with a bunch of japanese-american kids, and their moms would always bring spam musubi for basketball tournaments! much better than a ham or turkey sandwich imo (; and oooh, it's so tasty in fried rice! (and kimchi makes everything better, always).
@danidee they do! the only ones that have really appealed to me though are the teriyaki and garlic; i put teriyaki on my spam anyways (i love that it gets all caramelized), and the garlic sounds like it might be a bit artificial tasting. i've grown up around spam, so i'm in the adoring group (:
I didn't really eat it much as a kid, but I eat it a LOT now. Especially when I make kimchi fried rice.
Yeah, truthfully, they're probably not as delicious. But I guess Hawaii grocery stores have TONS of different flavored Spams. It's really interesting. I feel like people either really really hate Spam or seriously adore it.
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