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So it was supposed to be on Saturday but the way my work schedule is Saturday for me. ㅠ.ㅠ Thank you @AimeeH for the lovely can play too at this link. Let's see here... bestie is the cutie Hongbin
Nodding my head yeah, most likely sweating like crazy bc it's Raviiii ♡
Well hello N, just don't make it obvious.
Aww my bestie is so considerate
Yass, I'll feel like I'm back home in the mountains .
Ahh don't be like that maknae. I have a soft spot for you in my heart.
Most likely shoved it in my hands and left calling it feeding me -_- (cute though)
Jajaja but of course bias wrecker, of course.
Well N you had to make it obvious that you had a crush on me, so I was attracted.
They are beautiful. Plus I had a nice adventure with them.. Besos. @AimeeH @MirandaKawahara I lost my little tag list ㅠ_ㅠ.
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Thank you so much for playing dear! Also, I was late posting it too, so it is no problem!! I love your results!