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Lol Everyone!😭
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I hate it 😭😭😭 Why are you so cruel?? I'm talking about you, Animes that I had to read the manga to know how you continue 😡 Like Pandora Hearts, 07-Ghost, Deadman Wonderland, just to name a few. But don't worry Anime, I still love you ❤💖💞
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@DebbyLindsay Omg Yes! Like ok Manga is good an all but we wanna see it in we cant just by reading! The Wallflower was really good and they never came back with a second season😭 So many damn shipping scenes that I could have seen come to life died 😥 Forever will I cry about this tragedy and other honorable mentions to come..
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No game no life, angel beats, attack on titan, kill la kill, I've had experience with that
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Magical highschool was like this
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