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For those new couples that are living in fantasy land, I'm honored to be the one who busts your happy bubble: that bliss won't last forever.
Sadly, you will suffer an argument in the future. How you handle those tense moments, will probably tell how long you relationship will last.
Recently Reddit let loose a bunch of funny stories of how couple squabbles with odd endings. The funniest of the batch I want to share. I decided to call this one "Sex Spaghetti."
This one is from LionTheBunny:
For awhile, every time my fiancé farted on me I would retaliate by licking his face because he hates it. So we get drunk one night, he farts on me, I GO TO TOWN all over this dudes face. Like chin to hairline licking. He. Gets. Furious. So we’re drunk as f*ck, standing on opposite sides of the kitchen, SCREAMING at each other “I’LL STOP FARTING WHEN YOU STOP LICKING ME!” “I’LL STOP LICKING YOU WHEN YOU STOP FARTING!” He storms out of the kitchen, and I start feeling remorseful, so I decide to make him a treat. So I microwave some spaghetti and meatballs from a can. Take the bowl out of the microwave and it’s hot as F*CK so I drop it, bowl shatters, spaghetti everywhere. Boyfriend walks in to me sitting in a pile of noodles, weeping. He’s like “What the hell?!” I was like “I was *sob* trying to make you sexual spagheeeeetttttiiiiiiii.” I’m guessing the utter absurdity was too much for him – he laughed while I cried, and we were suddenly made up.
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Isn't this the weirdest/funniest relationship story you have heard in awhile?

Oh my god. The maker of the spaghetti was kicking back some tequila for sure.
mad!! lol
maybe only drunken couple do this, I guess
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