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I don't generally post cards about cosplays but this Ant-Man cosplay nearly blew the socks off my robot feet. I couldn't believe that it was an actual suit that a couple of people have made. While I was watching the video, I assumed the suit was just on a mannequin or maybe it was a life-size figurine.
But i was wrong. If you look close enough at the screenshot I took above, you can see that there's an actual human inside of that suit. It makes me wish that I knew people who would make a suit like this for me. There's something about cosplaying that makes me feel like I'll never have enough money or know-how to make these suits on my own. But I hope that one day before I kick the bucket, I'll be able to put on a cool suit like this.
I left a video for you below that outlines how they made it and who made it and you can see how cool it looks in motion. Let me know what you think of the cosplay in the comments below and have you ever made something this awesome to cosplay in? If you do cosplay, that is.