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Soda is a drink that many health consious people disgust.
The item is low priced and filled with un-healthy ingredients. Soda consumption, for the most part, has been declining in the United States, but the Mayor in Philly is looking to speed up the process and push the people in his community towards healthier options.
New mayor Jim Kenney has proposed a new sugary drink tax. Kenney’s tax would add an additional 3 cents per ounce, while also shaving a couple inches off your waistline.
According to a recent Harvard study, if the tax is approved, Philadelphians could see some major health benefits. 36,000 people wouldn’t be obese, 2,300 fewer cases of diabetes would be diagnosed, and $200 million would be saved in health-care spending.

Ay or nay on the sugary tax bill?

Another problem is that soda companies WANT their product consumed. If taxes increase on their product, then (as alcohol companies did) they will find ways to reduce the real cost (before taxes) of their product to keep it accessible to their consumers.
Taxes have never reduced consumption of substances deemed "harmful". Look at alcohol. There have been higher taxes on alcohol for a very long time. People pay and consume it anyway, it doesn't reduce consumption, just increases the State's income.
@BeannachtOraibh excellent points, I think the state knows this but they need a valid reason to increase the tax..
@BeannachtOraibh Yes exactly!! I get real tired of government trying to tell us what to eat, drink, or consume in general.