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It's Satan's Day!! Well usually, but now it's turned into an Angelic Day! This is the First Miracle Gene Mondays of the Community, so this will be a spam of some of my favorite pictures and gifs of my UB.

☆ The next ones will be more organized. ♡♡

Let's start with his smile! I absolutely love-love-love his smile. It is what snatches my soul up by the edges and consumes me.

Overexaggerating? NOPE. NOT ONE BIT.

That Intense stare. . . IT is truly mesmerizing.

Ships? How about all of them. he literally is shipped with everyone. Who says?

I DO ♡

You Have the Following Ships:

SeySeok (Seyoung & Yongseok) SanYoung (Sangmin & Seyoung) TakYoung (Takuya & Seyoung) SeyShin (Seyoung & Shin) CaSey (Seyoung & Casper)

Let's Admire him for a sec ♡●♡


I will begin to highlight certain things about him for the next Miracle Gene Mondays.

CandY Mod Squad:

Yak Pak:

Tagging Requested CandY Babies:

If you would like to be added to the tag, drop a comment ⬇

@AimeeH ahh indeed. I'm suppressing his spot as the UB
@JamiMilsap Thank you Dear.
VERY nice!!! 😍
@IsoldaPazo Yes and with him being the Ultimate Bias, it only intensified ♡♡
@AimeeH jaja indeed, fangirl level achieved lol
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