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Yup. You read that title right. And you're definitely looking at a real picture from the real reveal trailer that went up today. And yup, you're definitely thinking "This is weird". I don't know what's going on in this trailer or who the bad guys are but maybe this time it's an alien species?
You know what, it probably isn't aliens. But I'd like it to be aliens. Maybe shoot some cool laser guns. You know, they also should've just titled this game something totally different instead of Call of Duty. They should've just made a Sci-Fi shooty pew pew game that lets you fly a ship around every now and then.
But you know what, it's probably because they want to make money. And money makes games happen. It would be really funny if they just slapped Call of Duty on whatever game, whether or not it was a FPS or not. It would probably still make buckets of cash.
I know it doesn't make sense. But think about it. They could set Call of Duty anywhere and you'd still pick up the phone. They should've just made Call of Duty: Civil Warfare and you'd have to use a bunch of old-timey guns like revolvers and muskets. Imagine how intense that multiplayer would be?
If you missed, you'd be running back and forth hoping your finishing reloading before they did. Or something. I don't know, I don't know anything about history.
With No Man's Sky and Star Citizen approaching. It makes sense Call of Duty has a competitor. This is the answer that will quench alot of cod fan-boy tummies that see all these other space games and want in. By the way I agree, Call of Duty: Civil Warfare is gold. I can see it. Cemetery Ridge... fighting for the union or federation...doesnt matter. But when General Lee orders the "Picketts Charge" I think everyone's pants turn brown.
at least it's indispensable just how much cod sucks now